AMPLIFYING THE VOICES OF WOMEN IN LAND POLICY IN AFRICA-Representatives of the Queen Mothers' Platform-Ghana Acknowledge COLANDEF's contribution in Addis Ababa.

The Queen Mothers’ Platform-Ghana got invited as part of Traditional Leaders in Africa, to the November 2023 African Land Policy Conference (ALPC) held in Addis Ababa.  the Queen Mothers' Platform-Ghana, was represented by two of its National Executive Members, Naana Kabukour Dumaaley I, the Paramount Queen Mother of the Ada Traditional Area and Nana Ama Amissah III, Paramount Queen Mother of the Mankessim Traditional Area. In their submission on a panel discussion, the Queen Mothers stressed the importance of effective land governance amid the expanding intra-African trade. They expressed concerns about challenges that come with large-scale land acquisitions for investments, and the increasing threats to land tenure security for vulnerable groups in agricultural communities in Africa. The Queen Mothers specifically acknowledged COLANDEF’s role in addressing these issues and contributing to the broader goal of promoting inclusive land governance and sustainable development in their respective traditional areas. They emphasized the crucial role of organizations like COLANDEF in ensuring that the benefits of enhanced trade under AfCFTA reach all segments of society, including women farmers and youth.

The Queen Mothers' Platform-Ghana, through its representatives at the conference, expressed support for the African Union's affirmative action with the push for securing documentation of land rights for 30% of women land rights holders in Africa by 2025 to contribute to the economic transformation of the continent.

COLANDEF is committed to ending land tenure insecurity in Africa. As part of its women’s land rights portfolio, we have established the Queen Mothers’ Platform-Ghana as the institutional structure for mobilizing female traditional leaders in Ghana for effective capacity strengthening, representation and inclusion in land policy in Ghana.