Sourcing for resource persons/facilitators for the yilaa e-learning program on land governance and land tenure security

The Youth Initiative for Land in Africa (YILAA) is a non-governmental organization that is dedicated to building the capacity of African youths and practitioners in land governance.  In the past 10 years, YILAA has been running its online e-learning program which has provided the opportunity for many of the participants in our training programs, to interact with land tenure experts in Africa and to be exposed to useful tools in facilitating land governance processes in many communities in Africa.

For its current training cycle, YILAA is seeking to have experts who will volunteer their services to serve as resources persons and/ facilitators.

  1. Resource Persons will be expected to be part of a pool of experts who will assist in designing and/or reviewing the curriculum and training program, participate in examining training participants at the end of the training or contribute research papers and relevant information to the course participants.

  2. Facilitators will be experts who will be available to deliver specific courses in the training program.

Experts can volunteer to be both Resource Persons as well as Facilitators. However, depending on availability, experts may choose to be either Resource Persons or Facilitators.

We request land tenure experts in the Academia, Development Practitioners, Policy Actors, Land Administrators and Women’s Rights Advocates, to volunteer their expertise to contribute to a successful training cycle.

The course will be held over a period of 4 weeks. There will be a 1 week preparation prior to the training. All courses will be delivered virtually.

We will be glad to have as many experts as possible to come support us to make this happen.

Any who are willing to help in that can please indicate interest to support through this e-mail:

or contact us by:
+233 30 294 3672

We will be grateful to receive your expression of interest by September 30th, 2020.