We have Evolved!

COLANDEF is growing! For more than a decade, we have maintained the name COLANDEF as an abbreviation for Community Land and Development Foundation.  That was a fitting representation of what we did at the time, an organization focused on helping communities gain secure ownership of their land at the grassroots level.

In recent times however, our scope has widened to involve not only work at the grassroots level but also at the policy level.

Furthermore, we have increased engagement at the national level, with public sensitization programs reaching individuals and communities all over the country (Ghana).

 COLANDEF is no longer the abbreviation of a longer name. COLANDEF IS THE LEGAL ENTITY. The name represents who we truly are— An NGO focused on land rights protection, public education, policy research and policy advocacy, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion.

With these significant changes in view, we knew it was time to adjust our identity to represent what we do now, considering how far we have come.

What has changed?


To represent our renewed focus, we decided to update our logo, colors, and other design elements.

Our logo, and our identity as a whole, is now primarily represented with ‘India Green’ and ‘Seal Brown’—colors that accurately reflect our work in land —supporting smallholder farmers, women, and other marginalized groups in society to strengthen their land tenure security.

To add a bit of spice to the collection, we included Cadet Grey, Clay Orange, and Pure Black as our secondary colors.


Another consistent element in our renewed identity is the inclusion of three concave arcs.

These arcs are also designed to represent land topography—a concept intimately link with our work on land here at COLANDEF.

What hasn’t changed?

While our exterior has changed, we remain a group of optimistic individuals who stand by our vision of a world where land tenure security ensures a world of better societies, stronger institutions, and improved livelihoods.To that end, we will continue to work hard to make it a reality.

We're exciting for what the future has in store! We hope you join us on this incredible journey!


the COLANDEF team