The Queen Mothers’ Platform participates in the ‘Sensitization on the Land Act’ workshop with the Lands Commission

On the 11th of May 2022, the Lands Commission organized a capacity-building workshop with the theme, ‘Sensitization on the Land Act, 2020' (Act 1036).

This workshop event, which was held at the GIMPA Executive Conference Centre in Accra, was developed specifically for the Queen Mothers’ Platform to elevate their knowledge and insight into the new Land Act.

The new Land Act is truly a significant piece of legislation for land governance in Ghana. It contains provisions that address many of the contemporary issues in the land sector and provides the appropriate institutional framework for effective land administration. It also establishes the necessary coordination between the state and the customary systems for sound land governance and land-use practices.

But its transformative effects can only be realized once it is implemented properly.

This collaborative workshop the QMP had with the Lands Commission is an important first step toward ensuring that the Land Act is implemented across all regions and communities in Ghana.

We look forward to witnessing a strong a long-term relationship with the Lands Commission as they work towards this unified objective.