Updates from COLANDEF

Soon after our field activities in February, we had to change the arrangements for our work because of COVID 19. We have been following the discussions on COVID 19 with keen interest and adhering with all the guidelines to help contain the virus. We will return later with updates on the cases from the field activities. For now, we are pleased to announce that with support from Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, we have established the Queen Mothers' Platform, (QMP) Ghana.

Queen Mothers are female traditional leaders in Ghana. Even though the Constitution recognizes them as Traditional Leaders, they are not allowed to be on the National House of Chiefs. This takes them out of the policy processes in Ghana. The QMP will therefore be the consultative platform for all female traditional leaders in Ghana and the voice of female traditional leaders, women, children and all other vulnerable groups. To give it formal recognition, the platform is registered with the Registrar General's Department in Ghana, with registration number CG168722019. The work has just begun! Capacity strengthening, visibility and integration in policy processes are priorities for the QMP this year.