The Impact of the Media Sensitization Component of the CLARID Project

On February 2018, COLANDEF (supported by Omidyar), began a 24-month project called the “Customary Land Rights Documentation Project” (CLARID). This project aimed at increasing national attention to land rights documentation in Ghana,  particularly for customary land rights holders, and helping them to improve their land tenure security.

In our effort to raise national awareness on land rights documentation, COLANDEF partnered with a local TV station to broadcast monthly discussions on land-related issues such as land rights documentation and the common misconceptions surrounding land acquisition in Ghana.

To further our reach even more, we created a YouTube channel where we post these broadcast discussions every month.

This report highlights key statistics we gathered from the media sensitization component of the CLARID project. Furthermore, it identifies the achievements, observations, and lessons we have learned from the project thus far.

We believe the lessons and observations in this report will make for a good read not only for individuals with a general interest in the CLARID project but also people and organizations seeking to engage in similar activities in Ghana.